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Useful Resources

     ORCID iD 

     Google Scholar 


     How do I correct my Scopus Author profile? 

     Content correction in Scopus 

     Data Change and Missing Article, Issue request (Web of Science) 

Choosing a journal for publication

There are a number of automated services that help you choose a suitable academic journal for a particular manuscript. Such systems should be used as a guide only because they cannot replace an expert. However, you can test recommendation systems developed by major publishers.

Elsevier Journal Finder 

Wiley Journal Finder 

Springer Journal Suggester

The Leiden Manifesto

In 2015, the world's leading experts in scientometrics published a manifesto in which they set out the principles of the reasonable use of bibliometric indicators in the evaluation of scientific performance.

Resources for scientometric analysis

InCites (Web of Science module) 

HSE employees have access to the analytical tool InCites, which provides analytics based on publications indexed in Web of Science. This analytical tool allows users to compare the academic performance of different countries, organizations, or authors; to identify publication trends in different fields of science; and to evaluate the results of research-funding programs. InCites Guide.
Individual registration is required on website. 


HSE employees also have access to SciVal. The tool allows you to obtain analytics based on publications indexed in Scopus and to compare performance across 230 countries, 12,600 research organizations and individual authors. SciVal requires personal registration on the website. External guides for SciVal are available here: Research Metrics Guidebook, University of Oulu guide, University of Manchester guide.

Web of Science Training YouTube channel

On this channel, you can learn how to find the impact factor of a journal, what the criteria are for including a journal in Web of Science, how to find scientometric indicators of a particular organization or an author, how to use the InCites module, and much more.

VosViewer (tool for visualization of bibliometric networks)

This program allows you to create 'maps of science' with bibliographic data downloaded from the Web of Science or Scopus. You can make maps of authors, of organizations, of keywords with this tool.

uses the set of publications indexed in Web of Science. 


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